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Dental Hygiene for Kids

When it comes to dental hygiene for kids, it is important to get them off to the best start in life. It all starts with good oral health care

Your child’s primary (baby) teeth have an impact on the health and growth of adult teeth, therefore there is no better time start taking care of their oral health. Children’s dentistry Gold Coast can ensure your child’s teeth are kept free of decay and other dental disease which can lead to future dental and oral health issues.


Good oral hygiene should start during infancy. Regardless of whether you are nursing or bottle feeding, you should begin to implement some form of dental hygiene routine as soon as possible. Prior to teeth erupting, begin to wipe down the gums with a soft, wet washcloth. Once teeth begin to erupt it is important to keep them as clean as possible. Using the correct tools is essential to a child’s daily dental routine. It is important that the tools you are using are specifically designed for your young ones; children’s tooth brushes have a smaller head and softer bristles which are designed for their smaller teeth and mouths.

It is important to have your child visit the dentist once they turn one or two years of age. This will develop a good attitude towards dental care, the younger the better. It is vital you encourage your child to have a positive attitude towards dental care when they are of a young age. Visiting a children’s dentist will keep your child’s teeth healthy, their dentist will remove plaque build-up and food debris that can become stuck in their teeth. This is an important part of their oral health as it prevents the build-up of bacteria which leads to a range of oral health issues later on.


During a visit to our child-friendly dentist, we will provide you with some expert tips of taking care of your children’s teeth at home. These tips often include the correct method of flossing and brushing your child’s teeth and other specific information which may be related to your child’s oral health condition.

Your child-friendly dentist will also typically discuss with you the importance of your child’s eating habits and what you as a parent can do to help protect your child’s teeth and gums. Healthy eating plays a key role in maintaining good dental hygiene for kids; you should ensure your child stays away from foods rich in sugar and starch. In addition to this, a child should never go to sleep whilst nursing or with a bottle of milk or juice.

Your child’s primary teeth are important and should be treated that way. Developmental stages that play a role in the future of your child’s dental health rely heavily on them. Children’s dentistry Gold Coast can provide parents with a guide to good oral health for their child, ensuring their continued dental hygiene as they mature. To learn more about children’s dentistry or to book an appointment with one of our dentists, contact us today.