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Choose a custom designed sports mouth guard to protect your teeth

With sports so heavily ingrained into our Australian culture, it’s no surprise that high participation rates in popular contact sports, mean an abundant need for related extensive and expensive dental treatments.

At Varsity Smiles we understand the benefits of participation in competitive sport, because of this, we actively encourage our patients to take measures that will reduce the risks of oral damage.

Custom designed sports guards

Our custom designed sport mouth guards are tailored to fit precisely over your teeth and gums to protect your mouth. The superior design allows for further protection over lips, cheeks, tongue and gums, and can also provide some protection from blows to the jaw and neck.

Why choose a custom designed sports guard?

A custom designed guard can offer greater protection when compared with the traditional off the shelf molded products. The superior snug fit allows the mouth guard to best do the job of protecting your smile.

To find out if a custom designed mouth guard could help you protect your teeth, or for any further information about the benefits of a custom designed sports guard, please get in contact with us today.


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