Visit your family dentist and avoid the doctor

Visiting a family dentist regularly is one of the best ways to ensure your family stays happy and healthy

When you decide it’s time to start a family of your own, priorities change. There’s no more thinking in terms of ‘me’ or ‘I’, it’s all about the ‘us’ and the ‘we’. As a parent, all your focus becomes placed on what you can do, and how you can act to best prepare your children for the outside world.

A lot of people still have the attitude that they don’t need to visit the dentist regularly. If this is your view, there is a good chance that your children will also develop the same attitude.

Here lies the opportunity to change things for the better…

Make visiting the dentist a positive family based activity

Recent studies are beginning to reveal a strong correlation between dental hygiene and overall health and well being. Basically speaking, a nice, healthy smile will often front a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Emphasising the importance of regular dental visits and attending the dentist as a family will help your children form a different view of dental care. Positive experiences at the dentist can be beneficial to your family’s dental hygiene and overall health and wellbeing.

While we generally only seek the help of a medical practitioner when we are sick, visiting the dentist regularly is a great way to help your family monitor and maintain good health. It will also reduce the risk of requiring expensive and extensive dental treatments in the future.

At Varsity Lakes Dental, we promote wholesome family orientated dentistry, and would like to encourage families to make visiting the dentist a priority and routine.

For more information on looking after your kids’ teeth click here.

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