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Dentures are a customised solution to replace missing teeth

Dentures are a fabricated material, custom shaped and made into false teeth. Depending on the requirements of each patient, two different denture solutions are available:

Partial denture – Used to replace one or just a few teeth and rely on existing teeth for support

Full denture – Used to completely replace teeth

The denture process and procedure

Initially, it’s important to address whether a denture procedure is the most suitable course of action. If it is decided that dentures should be the most appropriate treatment method, it will require a number of appointments to complete the procedure. The exact time to complete the procedure will vary depending on the specifics of the treatment.

Following the initial consultations, scans and tray designs, a mould will be sent away from which your trial dentures will be constructed. Once everything fits correctly, and all necessary adjustments have been made, the dentures will be secured.

Looking after your dentures

All the required medical information and advice required to look after your dentures in the early stages will be provided to you by your dental professional. It is advised you attend regular dental appointments to ensure the long term health of your dentures and new smile.

If you are considering replacing your teeth with dentures, please get in contact with us today for some more information.

Dental implants, crowns or bridges may be an alternative to dentures (see below).


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