Why you need to visit the dentist regularly and what you can expect during a check-up

Part two in the three-part series on practicing preventive dentistry. Why you need to visit the dentist and what you can expect during a check-up.

In part one of the Varsity Smiles ‘practicing preventive dentistry’ blog series we discussed how to get started with a preventive dental plan.

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Part two – Why you need to visit the dentist and what you can expect during a check-up.

So you’ve finally taken the first step on your preventive dental journey and decided to visit the dentist. Great work!

You might be wondering why is it so essential to visit the dentist regularly. You might also be wondering what you can expect during a check-up.

How often should you visit the dentist?

The old rule of thumb is you should visit the dentist twice a year. While visiting the dentist twice a year will work well for many people, it shouldn’t be taken as exact practice.

People that place themselves in high-risk of dental disease probably need to visit the dentist more regularly than this. High risk groups include smokers, pregnant women, people with gum disease and those who tend to get regular cavities and plaque build up.

On the contrary, someone who takes comprehensive care of their teeth might get away with a visit once a year. Even if you take excellent care of your teeth however, it is still recommended you still visit the dentist twice a year, as you will be checked for any problems that you may not necessarily see or feel.

Dental visits for preventive education

Visiting the dentist regularly when you are in the early stages of developing a sound preventive dental plan is extremely beneficial. It will allow your dentist to assess your overall oral health, provide you with an effective preventive plan, and correct any flaws in your current oral maintenance practice.

What you can expect during an initial check-up

During an initial check-up, the dentist will take the time to understand and assess your current level of oral health.

There’s no need to be scared or embarrassed. While it is recommended that you should visit the dentist twice a year, we understand this is not always achievable. You won’t be judged or made to feel guilty about the state of your mouth.

It’s important to inform the dentist at this stage of any oral concerns or dental anxieties you might have.

At Varsity Smiles, we encourage our patients to inform us of any bad past dental experiences they may have had. This has allowed us to help many patients overcome dental anxieties and completely change their perceptions about visiting the dentist.

After initial consultation, you can then expect a thorough assessment and clean. You will not be given any extra treatment without discussion and consent.

A Varsity Smiles preventive dental plan

At Varsity Smiles, we provide all of our patients with a thorough preventive dental education at the end of a check up. This includes brushing/flossing technique, a comprehensive oral maintenance schedule and even information e.g. regarding diet, where required.

The check-up itself will take less than an hour from your day.

If you’re interested in booking in for a general check-up, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today.

If you’d like more information about what to expect during a check-up, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. 


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